e-Spirit Inc., the leading expert in content and customer experience management, today introduced FirstSpirit CaaS, a content-as-a-service (CaaS) solution that helps companies monetize content by streamlining its delivery to and from any device, channel, or application for faster time to market. The new extension of FirstSpirit is available immediately.

The rapid rise and growing diversity of customer touchpoints requires a more agile approach than conventional content management. The most recent forecasts on the economic impact of the digital revolution are impressive: Gartner estimates that by 2020, over 20 billion connected things will be in use across a range of industries and the Internet of Things (IoT) will touch every role across the enterprise; and McKinsey estimates the economic impact of the IoT will be between $3.9 and $11.1 billion annually through 2025. The majority of these services and devices need a stream of fresh content in order to communicate with customers and prospects—and in rapidly growing quantities.

“Companies that rely solely on traditional content management will sooner or later find themselves unable to take advantage of the enormous business opportunity the IoT presents, or keep pace with app and smart device innovations. The result will be an inability to satisfy the needs of today’s demanding digital consumer,” explains Andreas Knoor, chief operating officer of e-Spirit. “The quantity of available services and applications that will satisfy customer needs and generate sales revenue is growing exponentially, as is the risk of missing emerging opportunities. Even the fastest and most agile IT and marketing departments can only keep up with the changing market landscape by having effective and agile tools—and that is precisely why FirstSpirit CaaS is critical.”

CaaS is the next evolutionary step in customer experience management. It allows unstructured content to be dynamically pulled from FirstSpirit CaaS and delivered to the front end of any system, application, or thing via a universal CaaS interface making “content everywhere” publishing a reality. FirstSpirit CaaS also provides other advantages—new touchpoints, channels and devices can be added with previously unheard-of speed allowing customers to be reached not only faster, but also with a lower expenditure of time and money. Whether IoT smart devices, websites, mobile apps, digital signage, social media, single page applications, portals or other software—the content can be quickly and easily shared and used, freeing it from the limits of conventional content management while helping companies master the challenges of rapid digitalization and digital transformation.

“Every company would like a piece of the 'digital pie' and to capture the enormous market potential. That is why a central goal must be to realize the value of content, and monetize it directly or indirectly. FirstSpirit CaaS was developed for this purpose. Next to traditional Web content management, which will continue to have its place, CaaS makes managing content possible for all touchpoints—not just websites—with unprecedented simplicity.” added Knoor.

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