A recent survey on the rapid adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies indicates that nearly 75 percent of companies allow BYOD as a way for employees to check e-mail and complete work outside of traditional business hours. There’s little doubt that enterprise mobility will continue to be a major productivity enabler as workers grow accustomed to accessing real-time data and organizations incorporate smartphones and other connected devices into their business processes. A major increase in connected devices means businesses need to expand their wireless infrastructure, making internal systems available for mobile access and deploying solutions that address the demand for mobility. The newest desktop scanners from Kodak Alaris – the Kodak ScanMate i1150WN and the Kodak i1190WN Scanners – provide wireless and network connectivity and are mobile app ready to support BYOD and mobility in the workplace.

With the i1150WN and i1190WN Scanners, businesses can break free from the clutter of cables and wires. The scanners are ideal for business environments where employees need to quickly and easily share document capture devices. Users benefit from a control panel that offers custom commands and color coded icons to make scanning quick and easy, while providing useful information to help avoid and resolve errors.

Additionally, the scanners enable seamless connectivity through the office network or over Wi-Fi for a variety of office environments including bank tellers, government agencies and hospital nursing stations. Equipped with standard drivers (TWAIN, ISIS), users can integrate with their existing and legacy business applications, eliminating extra steps in the capture process and complicated software installations, which helps reduce IT costs. IT administrators also have the ability to set security levels and disable wireless and mobile if needed, providing them with more efficient device management.

“Most wireless scanners are fine for individual users but they are not designed for sharing in a workgroup or connecting with business applications,” said Susheel John, Worldwide Category Director, Distributed Capture, Kodak Alaris Information Management. “Our Wireless/Network Scanners offer the flexibility and versatility that users need to manage complex document processes. They also provide integration capabilities that allow organizations to invest in new software and applications to address the evolving needs of their business, while meeting the needs of legacy applications today.”

The ScanMate+ Mobile App lets users scan quickly and easily to a tablet or mobile phone from the i1150WN or i1190WN Scanner. The app also makes it convenient to share files via email and upload to cloud-based applications such as SharePoint, Box or Evernote. Organizations that prefer to scan files and documents using their own proprietary mobile app can integrate with Kodak Alaris scanners using the web application programming interface (API).

Distributed Capture in the Cloud
Cloud technologies are helping businesses, both big and small, lower their cost of IT implementation and deployment. “With more businesses moving applications to cloud-based systems, cloud and web-based applications can run on PCs with lower processing power, meaning businesses can avoid investing in expensive computers,” said John. The i1150WN and i1190WN Scanners have built in image processing capabilities which lowers the PC power requirements, making them ideal for use with cloud or web-based capture applications like the Kodak Info Input Portfolio. Info Input makes capture faster, smarter, more secure and more productive. Software integrators can integrate directly to the scanners using the web API.

Earlier this year, Buyers Lab, LLC (BLI) recognized Kodak Alaris with the 2016 Scanner Line of the Year award for superior performance across its broad portfolio of document scanners. Kodak Alaris also won multiple BLI Winter Pick Awards—one in each of three key scanner categories: networked, departmental and production. Kodak Alaris holds the most Pick awards out of any scanner manufacturer tested by BLI. To learn more about the criteria for these awards, please visit http://bit.ly/22NgoS2.

The i1150WN and i1190WN Scanners are now available in all regions. The ScanMate+ Mobile App is available for free to download via Apple iTunes Store and Google Play. For more information, please visit Kodakalaris.com/go/wnscannersnews.

About the Information Management Division of Kodak Alaris
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