M-Files Corporation, a provider of solutions that dramatically improve how businesses manage documents and other information, today announced the immediate availability of M-Files Capture, a powerful new production scanning and document classification solution. With M-Files Capture, companies can now easily capture and digitize paper documents and then store and manage the converted electronic files in their M-Files repositories.

Many companies still receive and process a substantial volume of paper files, and struggle to efficiently digitize and index them. M-Files Capture allows businesses digitize large volumes of documents from scanners and network folders and auto-classify them with metadata to M-Files repositories. Once scanned files reside within the M-Files enterprise content management (ECM) solution, they can be quickly found by those who are authorized to access them and workflows can be automatically initiated.

"While capture solutions have been in the marketplace for many years to help companies digitize their paper files, many organizations end up replicating the same ineffective folder-based approach with their electronic documents. Even after turning paper files into electronic information assets, employees still often struggle to quickly find the current versions of documents and companies find it difficult to enforce information security controls," said Mika Javanainen, senior director of product management at M-Files Corporation. "With M-Files Capture, companies now have the ability to streamline and automate many of their paper-based processes by intelligently auto-classifying and indexing scanned files into their on-premises or cloud-based M-Files repositories with metadata. As a result, enterprises can more effectively organize, manage, secure and process their information, which leads to better decisions, faster results, improved collaboration and the highest levels of security and compliance."

M-Files Capture features and capabilities include:
  • High-Speed Scanning: M-Files Capture can scan up to 10,000 pages per computer per day. The solution is compatible with Twain scanners and MFPs, and it also supports scanning from network folders.
  • Page Identification and Document Classification: With M-Files Capture, scanned files are classified into a logical structure of batches and documents. Blank pages, OCR zones, barcode zones and patch codes can be used as criterion for separation. M-Files Capture can also automatically identify page types based on layout.
  • Image Processing: Scanned images can be enhanced with M-Files Capture. Enhancing scanned documents improves the readability of documents and reduces the file size.
  • Data Extraction and Document Indexing: Data can be extracted from scanned documents via OCR (optical character recognition), BCR (barcode recognition), PCR (patch code recognition) and ICR (intelligent character recognition). The extracted data can be used in several ways, such as variables to define a page/document/batch type or to populate user-defined index fields. The index fields created in M-Files Capture can be mapped to the metadata properties in M-Files. M_Files Capture recognizes typewritten data in 137 languages.
  • Quality Control and Validation: Once documents have been scanned, they are displayed in Navigation mode, where a full range of tools are available for post-scanning operations. Users can rescan, rotate and rename files, as well as rearrange files by using features such as splitting, merging, drag and drop, cut and paste, etc. All index fields can be validated and modified in Navigation mode.
  • Document Formatting and Compression: M-Files Capture converts scanned documents into a wide range of output formats, such as searchable PDFs (PDFs can be hyper-compressed), Word files (in .docx and .rtf) and many other formats.
  • Export: Documents processed with metadata in M-Files Capture can be sent directly to M-Files.
About M-Files Corporation

M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) solutions eliminate information silos and provide quick and easy access to the right content from any core business system and device. M-Files achieves higher levels of user adoption resulting in faster ROI with a uniquely intuitive approach to EIM that is based on managing information by "what" it is versus "where" it's stored. With flexible on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment options, M-Files places the power of EIM in the hands of the business user and reduces demands on IT by enabling those closest to the business need to access and control content based on their requirements. Thousands of organizations in over 100 countries use the M-Files EIM system as a single platform for managing front office and back office business operations, which improves productivity and quality while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards, including companies such as SAS, Elekta and NBC Universal. For more information, visit www.m-files.com.

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