GoScan announced that the latest version of GoScan is fully certified with the new Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Although SharePoint 2010 is great at storing vital company information, it lacks a way to scan and index documents. The latest version of GoScan 3.5 drives documents and their associated metadata into SharePoint 2010, taking advantage of several new SharePoint features and requirements such as:

  • Field level mapping (including managed metadata)
  • SharePoint security
  • 64-bit architecture

Field-level communication with SharePoint 2010
GoScan 3.5 can now communicate with SharePoint 2010 on a field-level basis for any field, including managed metadata. This means that users can quickly map a field called first name from SharePoint to GoScan 3.5 with the precise unique identifier for that field. When the documents are scanned via GoScan 3.5 the data for first name is populated in precisely the right place in SharePoint.

SharePoint 2010 security
GoScan 3.5 is an Active Directory-aware application that derives the authenticated users credentials and uses them throughout the application by embedding the data into the output XML metadata files. Utilizing Active Directory enables GoScan 3.5 to be fully compliant with Microsofts latest SharePoint offering when calling MOSS Web services and passes along the credentialed information.

64-bit requirement
SharePoint Server 2010 runs only as a 64-bit application. The latest version of GoScan 3.5 now comes as either a 32-bit or 64-bit application and utilizes multi-threading to deliver high performance on Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows 7 workstations.

About GoScan Inc.
GoScan is a leading provider of simple, powerful and affordable scanning solutions for business, healthcare, education and government. GoScan enables organizations to capture data from paper sources and move that paper electronically where it is needed most. More information is available at www.goscan.com.


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