Digitech Systems, innovator in enterprise content management (ECM), capture and workflow technology, has released the latest version of its PaperVision Capture solution specifically optimized for the healthcare and health insurance industries. PaperVision Capture includes innovative new features that automate paper processes for health insurance claims translating to significant reductions in claims costs and staff time. PaperVision Capture also is ideal for automating management of paper processes.

The ongoing challenge for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers is the sea of paper that remains to be required for insurance claims and patient care. PaperVision Capture enables complete automation of paper processes and allows users to create a digital workflow quickly and efficiently, including the standard-setting ability to accurately read and classify paperwork and apply customized business rules to streamline insurance claims and accurately update claims adjudication information.

PaperVision Capture has been specifically adapted to manage paper processes in the rigorous workflow setting of a medical office with features such as:
  • Patented artificial intelligence technology mimics the human eye-to-brain connection to identify and classify documents by type and to extract relevant data based on the type designation.
  • Support for capture of any data format including HCFA, UB04, dental and EOB documentation with incredible accuracy. The software also can import digital documents such as PDFs, .tif, .jpg, and Microsoft Office documents.
  • A drag-and-drop graphical user interface makes it easy to design an electronic claims process using workflow, to setup claims documents to extract needed data, and to easily configure the 837 HIPAA output without coding.
“Healthcare is still a heavily paperbound industry, having to process an avalanche of paper patient records and insurance claims,” said Sean Morris, Director of Sales for Digitech Systems. “We developed PaperVision Capture to completely automate the data capture process for insurance claims. With this new PaperVision Capture solution, end users will save money in claims processing and manual record-keeping, and value-added resellers can deliver a comprehensive ECM solution that can scale to support any kind of healthcare environment.”

About Digitech Systems, Inc.
Digitech Systems, Inc. enables businesses of any size to more effectively and securely manage, retrieve and store corporate information of any kind using either PaperVision Enterprise content management (ECM) software or the world’s most trusted cloud-based ECM service, ImageSilo. By significantly reducing the cost, Digitech Systems has moved ECM from a luxury convenience to an essential element for every well-managed business.

Digitech Systems continues to raise the standard of excellence in the ECM sector, as evidenced by the numerous awards they have received including the InfoWorld 100, CRN’s Emerging Tech Dynamos and multiple Nucleus Research ROI Awards. In addition, Buyer’s Lab has recognized both PaperVision® Capture and PaperVision Enterprise as the best products in the enterprise capture and ECM fields. To learn more about the company’s software and services that deliver any document, anywhere, anytime, visit www.digitechsystems.com.

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