airSpring Software raises the bar on enterprise-class relationship management with Version 2.0 of its solution for rapid web and mobile application development and delivery. The new version streamlines building of modular applications that enable collaborative development and consistent performance.

    Enhancing relationship management
    Mission-critical activities, such as client onboarding and welcoming applications for healthcare patient admissions, financial services account opening, and insurance product inquiries all benefit from the latest release of airSpring. For example, an updated annotations feature makes it easier for IT and business users to communicate, accelerating change and approval cycles. Confirmations and welcome materials can be quickly created on demand to provide a seamless customer experience. And, when communications are sent to the end-user, airSpring automatically detects whether the recipient is using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, enabling a consistent, predictable user experience regardless of device. Other key activities, such as sales, also benefit from the latest release. Powerful sales enablement tools help companies stand out by avoiding the all-to-common deck of static slides. Instead, real-time data and content from corporate systems can be used to create compelling views with robust graphics.

    airSpring Version 2.0 also gives businesses a more detailed view of client experiences via custom dashboards and reports that provide visual analytics of application adoption and use. For instance, information collected during onboarding or product inquiry processes can be easily integrated with existing systems to help create better customer profiles.

    "From empowering sales teams to enhancing customer communications, airSpring software is designed to help companies create business applications faster, more cost effectively, and with ensured accuracy," said Neal Gottsacker, president and CEO of airSpring Software. "With release 2.0, our customers will be able to take advantage of modular applications that can improve their client relationships by delivering highly relevant and personalized digital experiences."

    About airSpring Software
    Headquartered in Lexington, KY, airSpring Software provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable companies to build a wide array of business applications in a collaborative thin-client, web-based environment that requires nothing more than access to a browser. The platform works in private or hybrid clouds and integrates seamlessly with a company's data, systems, and processes. The applications created through airSpring Software can be instantly deployed to any device-including smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs, email, and documents-eliminating the need for additional and specialized programming. airSpring is helping companies in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and other industries dramatically improve time to market, lower costs, and meet the demands of today's mobile society.

    For more information about airSpring and its breakthrough technology, visit or contact airSpring Software at 855.210.0475.

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