Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi), a leading developer of transactional capture and workflow solutions, today announced the availability of NSi AutoStore™ 6.0, a major update to its flagship product which includes two new products, NSi WebCapture™ and NSi Smarticket™. With the introduction of these products, NSi enables knowledge workers to use intelligent document workflows to capture and deliver paper and electronic documents throughout their organization.

"Businesses are under increased pressure to remove the delays associated with critical business processes and use real-time information to gain competitive advantage. Leveraging NSi's expertise in transactional capture, our customers have been able to improve information sharing and responsiveness achieving what Gartner defines as the real-time enterprise," says Mehdi Tehranchi, CEO and Chairman at NSi. "AutoStore 6.0 extends the reach of transactional capture well beyond Multi-Function Devices (MFD), enabling our customers to touch every facet of their business processes. With AutoStore 6.0, NSi successfully lays a new foundation to support our growth in the expanding transactional capture market."

With NSi WebCapture, customers can now use the same AutoStore orchestrated workflows to move electronic documents from within a web browser. As no additional hardware or software is needed for each PC, WebCapture meets the needs of IT organizations who want to limit the number of installed desktop applications. By bringing these capabilities directly to the web browser, customers have wider, more mobile access to their business applications from virtually any location.

NSi Smarticket makes the automation of repetitive paper-based tasks simple and easy. Using a web browser, managers can easily define a workflow for their team's documents to travel via a simple wizard interface. Knowledge workers then use the resulting "smart" coversheet to automatically route documents. Whether in print or electronic format, the Smarticket coversheet contains the necessary information to successfully deliver business documents to the right place. Moreover, all confidential information is stored on the Smarticket server and not within the barcoded sheet, ensuring data security and adherence to company security policies.

AutoStore 6.0 also includes several other new capabilities designed to improve efficiency and collaboration of the document workflow process. They include:

  • Send to PC: Directly deliver scanned documents from an MFD to the customer's desktop in the fewest possible steps, eliminating paper and stress on the server;
  • XML Importer: Facilitate automatic import of data and documents between systems and applications, including business to business transactions;
  • MRC PDF Compression: Reduce PDF files by up to 80 percent while maintaining content integrity, freeing up disk space and reducing bandwidth; and
  • Data Filter: Negate the need for complex scripting with drag and drop simplicity so IT administrators can alter and supplement meta data to enforce standard date formats, database lookups and validation logic.

About Notable Solutions (NSi)
Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi) is a leading provider of transactional capture and business automation solutions. NSi's flagship product, AutoStore captures paper and electronic documents from a copier, scanner, printer, web browser or desktop and then routes the information into the appropriate business system based on the document type. For more information, please visit

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