Transformations Inc., a software solutions company and developer of the comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) platform, Uluro, announced that its uCampaign module has been successfully implemented by Moonlight Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), an outsourced print service provider with operations in Bend, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Moonlight BPO chose uCampaign for its intuitive, easy-to-use collaboration interface that lets users easily change outbound communications on the fly with relevant messaging, such as new product information, promotional campaigns or regulatory changes.

“In addition to saving time on the part of Moonlight’s programming and data processing teams, uCampaign increased our customers’ satisfaction by giving them freer rein and more ownership over their communications,” said Ellen Cook, vice president of Moonlight BPO. “I would advise every third-party print service provider to take a deep look into uCampaign to get a glimpse into all the opportunities that can be captured with this solution.”

Previously, Moonlight was responsible for approving each change requested by clients before documents could go to print, leading to an inefficient workflow that created bottlenecks, slowed turnaround times and prevented Moonlight from focusing on higher-order project management concerns. Already a long-term user of the Uluro platform for their CCM needs, Moonlight began to see results within a month of implementing uCampaign, including significant cost savings, a more equitable distribution of liability for content errors and increased collaboration in relationships with its clients.

“Uluro’s uCampaign provides a streamlined workflow that results in greater accuracy and efficiency and the ability to quickly deliver personalized, relevant campaigns through the preferred channel of choice,” said Ryan Semanchik, president, Transformations, Inc. “We are excited that Moonlight BPO is experiencing all the benefits inherent in working collaboratively with clients when it comes to managing content.”

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