Messagepoint was awarded “Best AI-based Solution for Insurance” by AI Breakthrough. This leading market intelligence organization recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market.

The 2023 AI Breakthrough Award recognizes the breakthrough innovations for organizations managing customer communications enabled by Messagepoint’s AI engine, MARCIE (Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine). MARCIE is embedded into both Messagepoint and Rationalizer.

MARCIE also supports Assisted Authoring in both Rationalizer and Messagepoint to enable marketing and service teams to optimize the quality of the content in customer communications so that it better aligns with corporate standards for reading levels, sentiment, and brand. Assisted Authoring also helps analyze large content libraries, and identify and consolidate duplicate and semantically similar content, ultimately preparing it for migration to a new system.

In May, Messagepoint announced the availability of AI-powered content generation to help resolve the content issues identified in customer communications. Leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4, this new release augments MARCIE, to enhance its Assisted Authoring capabilities beyond issue detection by providing content rewrite suggestions to improve content reading levels, sentiment, and length. The enhanced AI-powered Assisted Authoring is governed by enterprise-grade controls that safely make it faster and easier for users to optimize content, while still retaining complete control over the outgoing messages.

“Messagepoint is committed to leveraging its cutting-edge AI and NLP to provide high-impact solutions for insurance organizations. This consistent focus is what has enabled us to be first-to-market with numerous NLP-based solutions that solve some of the biggest content challenges facing insurers today,” said Steve Biancaniello, co-founder, and CEO of Messagepoint. “We’re proud to accept the ‘Best AI-based Solution for Insurance’ award from AI Breakthrough. We will continue to develop intelligent solutions that support our customers in their efforts to modernize their CCM environments and improve the quality of their communications.”

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