Today, Papyrus Software announced global availability of its key innovation Converse Designer|Composer – a tool that is about to reinvent how custom business applications are built. This revolutionary innovation is the latest advance in a series of Papyrus Software conceptual and technological achievements known for revolutionizing customer communications.

The new breakthrough brings radical change to digital application development by fundamentally changing WHO, WHERE and HOW can use the power of technology to quickly bring ideas to execution. With easy access to expert technology, organizations can now increase their overall software development capacity and accelerate the pace of value delivery by opening up to multi-disciplinary teams for greater speed and agility.

Everything business managers and professionals need in order to start building value streams is an iPad, an idea and the knowledge of the business. No technical knowledge or programming is needed.

Annemarie Pucher, CEO Papyrus Software: ‘Converse is technology you can’t afford to ignore. Converse iPad Designer/Composer gives business managers the power to align business objectives with outcomes, avoid lost in translation of requirements, and reduce resource gaps by broadening the team. This huge leap in productivity allows for improvements and extensions over time, so you won't have any legacy issues. Converse is a significant digital transformation enabler and will become a critical component of any organization’s digital transformation journey.’

The Converse technology uses five force multipliers that make the difference to any other offering on the market:
  • Harnessing the power of no-code for business leaders and professionals.
  • Pure goal-orientation with no need for process modeling. Business professionals can start with an outcome in mind and freely describe stages, actions, goals, roles and rules that are needed to reach the outcome.
  • Using common business terminology that everyone understands. The underlying Business Information Model captures the business knowledge and supports business professionals by letting them define goals, policies and rules in the business language, making them fully transparent and meaningful to all.
  • Conversational UI Design & Execution breakthrough experience that revolutionizes the work. The Conversational user interface delivers a superior, connected customer and employee experience (EX) on iPad, Browser and Mobile. Equipped with chat and guided by AI and rules, employees can seamlessly interact with customers, partners and colleagues, letting the system make suggestions and take care of compliance with the company goals and rules.
  • Communication, content and integration services of the ‘All in ONE’ Papyrus Platform. A flexible, AI-powered business application platform with facilitated integration, adaptive case management, Omni-Channel communications, intelligent document processing (IDP) and content services (CSP) in a single platform. Companies across industries are uniquely positioned to take advantage of connected technologies to engage with customers on a whole new level and quickly deliver innovative 'fit-for-future' digital solutions to the business.
In the coming days, Papyrus Software will start rolling out the new Converse Designer|Composer across Europe, U.S. and Asia. Business consultants and companies interested in this new ground-breaking software should request their demo set online for download, and register for the Converse Workshop Program.

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