Jan. 8 2021 11:04 AM

The new version has been designed to solve all customer communication objectives of an organization

O’Neil Digital Solutions has launched a new release of its flagship ONEsuite platform, an enterprise CCM, CXM and Digital Transformation solution. ONEsuite enables enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals while effectively improving customer communications.

“Recognizing that every customer is unique and that they need to be communicated as such is a critical step toward ensuring customer satisfaction. By enabling our customers to really know and understand the uniqueness of each of their customers and provide the next-best-action for engagement, we’ve set a bold new standard in communications,” said Mark Rosson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “With ONEsuite, our clients will now be able to generate revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve their Star Ratings and Net Promoter Scores.”

This new version of O’Neil’s ONEsuite SaaS platform has been designed to solve all customer communication objectives of an organization, including the following four key categories:

1. Content Creation, Content Management and Delivery: Users can create and manage their content for repurposing to paper, electronic and any other communication channel.

2. Omni-Channel Communications O’Neil’s complete omni-channel communications platform can help strengthen customer relationships by communicating the right message through the right delivery channel.

3. Sales & Marketing Communications Organizations can track customer journeys, build multi-channel marketing campaigns, and even audit and track results. ONEsuite will also allow stakeholders to build customized marketing and educational websites (called Microsites), create personalized marketing materials on demand, and even allow sales & broker networks to order enrollment kits, all in one platform.

4. Data Analytics Driven By Artificial Intelligence ONEsuite allows organizations to optimize their Customer Communications Management strategy by gaining valuable insight into who their audience really is. O’Neil’s data analytics engine creates a deep understanding of individual audience members, with built-in machine learning, enabling for dynamic and personalized outreach.

A significant addition to O’Neil’s enhanced ONEsuite platform is the analytics engine built within ONEscore, which enables clients to study audience behavior, and create segmentations of their customers using built-in “live” personas, providing deep insight into who a customer is and how they might think or feel.

“Customers can now generate insight and intelligence about their audience and create deep segmentations of their clients and prospects. This will literally allow the highest degree of custom messaging and communications that could never be achieved before,” said Rosson. “ONEscore is a new standard in engaging your audience members more effectively to improve customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and customer retention.

The ONEsuite CCM platform is an enterprise solution that will meet the digital transformation and customer satisfaction goals of every company. The SaaS solution includes everything needed to support customer journeys including, artificial intelligence & data analytics, document creation and management, content delivery, and a robust omni-channel communications engine.

For more information about ONEsuite, visit oneildigitalsolutions.com.

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