Kofax, a leading provider of software to simplify and transform the First Mile of business, announced a “First Year Free” offer that allows organizations to try and buy its market leading Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation software on a no charge basis. Customers now have a risk-free means to assess these solutions in a full production setting.

The “First Year Free” offer is ideal for organizations struggling with slow, labor intensive, error prone and expensive processes for receiving and processing documents from customers, suppliers or partners. With this offer, new customers can leverage Kofax Capture for up to 10,000 scanned or imported pages with no license or maintenance fees for one year.

Kofax Capture automates scan to archive applications and enables easier access to information within an organization. The solution captures paper and electronic documents from multiple channels, transforms them into digital content with index data for retrieval purposes, and delivers the resulting information into core ECM, archive and other business systems. Kofax Capture is flexible and scalable, enabling customers to define where and how images are captured and indexed, whether in a home office, remote branch or back office data center.

Kofax Capture 11 is now available and includes improved scanning controls, better OCR accuracy, and many administrative and security enhancements.

Customers can extend Kofax Capture’s capabilities to include scan to process applications with Kofax Transformation. This enables Kofax Capture customers to automate document separation and classification, address more challenging content extraction requirements and incorporate more complex business rules to ensure the accuracy and validity of all information captured, significantly reducing manual data entry processes.

Kofax Transformation automates the accurate and efficient extraction of all business critical content from any document type, transforming documents into more useful, electronic information to be used in the downstream business processes and applications needed for knowledge workers to understand and act upon that information.

The combination of Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation offers customers a powerful, market-leading solution to capture information from any paper or electronic document flowing into an organization from any channel across the enterprise – including mobile devices, email, web portals, scanners, MFPs, fax servers, and file sharing sources.

Holly Muscolino, Research VP, Content Technologies and Document Workflow at leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC, commented, "Intelligent enterprise capture technology is a critical component of the content-centric workflow ecosystem, and is instrumental in driving the automation, optimization, and ultimate transformation of business-critical workflows. Organizations that have deployed technology to transform content-centric workflows experienced average productivity increases of over 40%. Vendors can help drive transformation by making solutions more accessible to a wider market."

New, reduced pricing for an entry level Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation bundle, which includes comprehensive multi-channel capture, transformation and export functionality, starts at US $3,500 for 100,000 pages captured per year and 10,000 pages transformed per year with one concurrent user.

About Kofax
Kofax is a leading provider of software to simplify and transform the First Mile of business. By capturing information and automating information-intensive processes, Kofax helps improve customer engagement, greatly reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness and profitability for more than 20,000 customers in financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, supply chain and other markets. Kofax delivers its information capture, robotic process automation, financial process automation and customer onboarding solutions through its direct sales and service organization, and a global network of more than 1,000 authorized partners in more than 70 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.