Compart has formed an alliance with Bell and Howell that lets high-volume mailers employ dynamic multi-channel document management capabilities and take advantage of the fast growing mobile market. Consumers increasingly want anytime, anywhere access to their bills and statements but expect the same security and protection they have on their home computers. The new collaboration combines Compart's multi-channel document management technology with the BH Mobile Mail platform, a turnkey service that allows a company to quickly implement mobile mail delivery via a secure, protected environment.

"Bell and Howell is a leader in developing mobile platforms that provide simple, cost-effective ways for businesses to expand their communication channels," said Mark Maragni, Country Manager for Compart North America. "Combining Compart's document management expertise with Bell and Howell's secure mobile platform is an ideal way to meet consumer demand for reliable delivery of accurate transactional and marketing messages over their smartphones and tablets."

"BH Mobile Mail is a mobile app platform that is designed specifically for business mail communications," said Mike Maselli, Bell and Howell's Vice President of Management and Messaging Software Solutions. "The combination of Compart's powerful multi-channel document management technology and the BH Mobile Mail service can minimize the costs and efforts required to implement a personalized, branded solution that can achieve high end-user adoption."

Beyond providing consumers secure access to billing and marketing information, the Bell and Howell solution gives businesses detailed reporting on user enrollment and activity. A company branded mobile mail app can help businesses create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers which can ultimately result in greater loyalty and profitability.

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About Bell and Howell
Bell and Howell, LLC is a leading provider of solutions and services for paper-based and digital messaging. The company's complete portfolio includes products that reduce production and postage costs; increase operational efficiency, message impact and relevancy; and ensure integrity and quality. Supporting these solutions is one of the largest dedicated service organizations in the industry. The company is headquartered in Durham, N.C., and maintains facilities in Wheeling, Ill., Bethlehem, Pa., and Rochester, N.Y. For further information, please visit or email

About Compart
Compart is a leading global provider of Multi Channel Document Management Solutions. Headquartered in Germany, with subsidiaries throughout Europe and America and served by a partner network in Latin America, for over two decades Compart has consistently helped businesses improve operational efficiency with fast and flexible processing of high-volume data and document flow.

Compart's scalable and platform-independent DocBridge® software-designed, built and supported by Compart-delivers bespoke output, on paper or digitally, anytime and anywhere they are required.

Compart is recognized as an industry leader in driving innovation and delivering world class solutions. With in excess of one thousand clients in over 42 countries across the banking, insurance, retail, print services, utilities and telecommunications industries, Compart is also chosen as an exclusive technology provider by leading vendors in the industry.
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