Editorial Guidelines  

DOCUMENT Strategy is dedicated to the professional development of today's top strategic leaders, including executives, directors and managers within Fortune 1000 companies. Our mission is to advance the maturity of enterprise-wide communications and information management strategies to deliver superior customer experiences and business success. Our serious editorial focuses on the key pillars of every organization—Strategy, Governance, Process and Technology—in order to speak to individual stakeholders within the organization while helping to create a strategic vision across all departments. We look at the overall strategy, not just a part of the process. Our coverage of the industry continues in that vein.

Backed by 24 years as an industry leader, we have built a community of business executives, consultants, research analysts and technology/service professionals who all contribute to our vision for advancing the industry as a whole. We encourage all those focused on communications, enterprise content management and information management strategies to become engaged and to join our community of writers and professionals. We accept editorial contributions from all those interested parties that meet our mission and objectives. The below guidelines are meant to clarify the submission process and the editorial standards for all those looking to contribute to DOCUMENT Strategy.

Content regularly addressed through all of our media outlets (daily online features, bi-monthly newsletter, quarterly digital magazine and our annual conference) spans across many different industries (with the largest sectors in Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing and Government) and covers the entire business content life cycle, from creation, to storage/retrieval, to management, to revision/collaboration, to distribution, to preservation/disposal. Most discussions are based in a formal, scholarly, high-level style, as the majority of our audience possesses a sophisticated understanding of the information lifecycle and holds decision-making power (80% purchasing authority), with 30% of our audience holding the chief executive officer (CEO) title.

All DOCUMENT Strategy media outlets follow a pre-determined, internal editorial calendar (though it is subject to change). However, our general industry coverage, categorized by 12 key topics, is year-round and is not limited to pre-set reporting deadlines. We encourage all interested contributors to either submit article proposals or full articles for consideration according to our topic coverage areas:

1. Business/Forms Process Management
2. Customer Communications Management
3. Compliance/E-Discovery
4. Customer Experience
5. Data/Document Security
6. Document Capture/Imaging
7. Document Design/Composition
8. Enterprise Content Management/Content Strategy
9. Information Management/Governance
10. Marketing/Personalization
11. Omni-Channel Delivery
12. Records Management/Disaster Recovery

All submissions must be original and timely work, not appearing in any other books, magazines, websites or other publications within a 1-month timeframe of subsequent publication in DOCUMENT Strategy. Original articles and unpublished work will be given first consideration. If your submission has been accepted for publication, you will be contacted for further instruction. Once the article has been published, the material is copyrighted by MadMen3, LLC, publisher of DOCUMENT Strategy. All rights will be reserved, and nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. Publication of your submitted work on your own blog, website or a third party is only permissible with a direct link back to the original article on DOCUMENT Strategy.

All published work on DOCUMENT Strategy must be fully attributed when cited in any third-party source. At a minimum, all citations must include name of author of original work, publisher of work (DOCUMENT Strategy Media) and direct URL of the work, as originally published on documentmedia.com. For citations appearing in formal papers, such as coursework, research papers, whitepapers, professional journals, etc., copyright permission must be granted by DOCUMENT Strategy Media and its publisher (MadMen3, LLC). To submit your copyright request, contact our Managing Editor, Erin Eagan, directly, with original work being cited, location of formal paper (URL preferred) or sample of citation within formal paper. All formal citations must include the below in the following order:
• Publisher: DOCUMENT Strategy Media
• Title of work
• By author
• Date accessed
• URL of original work on documentmedia.com

• Length of article should fall between 500-1,500 words
• All submissions should be titled (max. 50 characters) and include the writer's bio (50-80 words), contact information (i.e., Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, email, phone and website) and professional headshot (72 DPI, 200x200 pixels, JPEG)
 • All articles should be in the third person (please refrain from using I, you or we, with the exception of quotes)
 • All acronyms must be spelled out in its first mention
 • Please provide designation of proposed quotes or information to be pulled out
 • All sourced material, via websites, books, magazines, newspapers, TV broadcasts, surveys or research studies, must be attributed within the text of the article (though no formal bibliography is necessary), accompanied by hyperlink source (when applicable)
 • All submissions should be fact-checked by the author for accuracy of all information, including names of companies, products and cited information, as the author will be held responsible for any errors
 •All graphics, charts or headshots must be 300 dpi (print) or 72 dpi (web) and should be in the JPEG or TIFF format and sent as a separate attachment (please do not embed images into Word document)
 • All submissions must uphold our editorial mission, adhere to our objective, industry-wide perspective and avoid all promotions (blatant and subtle) of any products or services of any vendor or of oneself

All submissions should be done in electronic format, whether in full article format (Word) or an inquiry, to the Managing Editor, Erin Eagan, at erin@rbpub.com .