Eclipse Corporation announces the release of DocOrigin v3.3.004.01 and Web Services v1.3.7, available March 12, 2024. This comprehensive update enhances the document design and merge functionalities as well as our Web Services, delivering a smoother and more efficient user experience across the board.

In the Design module, users will experience optimized workflow and visual management. A new dockable window for scripts has been introduced, alongside improved visualization of objects and enhanced support for Unicode characters in file paths, streamlining the design process.

Merge has received a substantial upgrade, featuring a redesigned stitching process when duplexing, an enhanced Global search algorithm, and improved stability when working with TIFF images. We have also improved handling of form paths with Unicode characters.

Targeted adjustments to FolderMonitor and FilterEditor focus on better error handling and the introduction of new configuration options in ConfigEditor allow for more precise setup and document creation. Our Windows software setup now includes an updated cURL v8.4.0, and the Linux and AIX setups have been enhanced with Default-PCL* output configuration files.

Webservices 1.3.7 includes several improvements. Issues related to cleanup including the missed deletion of files with certain prefixes and the excessive deletion of data in some cases have been fixed, and the ability to stop the task upon application unload has been added. Other improvements include logs being directed to the DocOrigin User/Logs folder, and enhanced support for Unicode returned via

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