David Stabel

Mr. Stabel is an associate director for InfoTrends’ production workflow & customized communications services. His primary focus area is on the graphic communications industry, data processing and customer communications management markets. Before joining InfoTrends, Mr. Stabel worked as a director of software strategy and market analysis at Canon (former Océ). Earlier in his career, Mr. Stabel held various other positions within Océ, ranging from business development, strategy consultancy and project management.
Sept. 28 2016
Ever since the Internet and email became available to consumers, enterprises are expected to provide digital access to business communications, dictated by customer demand. Yet, businesses are also incentivized...
April 21 2016
In his famous management book first published in 1954, The Practice of Management, Peter F. Drucker stated, “The goal of a business is to create and keep customers.” Today, more than 60 years...
Dec. 2 2015
The next big thing in customer communications might well be personalized video. While the idea of videos that deliver content relevant to each customer’s situation and needs isn’t new, so far,...
July 27 2015
Improving customer experience is a key priority for enterprises today. To improve something, you need to have the ability to measure it. Based on your objective, measurement methodologies for

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