July 1 2020 10:38 AM

Combined company delivers enterprise automation solutions to 1,300+ organizations globally

    MHC has announced the acquisition of Ecrion Software, a leading provider of customer communication management (CCM) and customer experience automation (CXA) software and services. The combined company delivers solutions to over 1,300 organizations across 50 countries and 5 continents, including 12 customers in the Fortune 100. Florin Vasilian, Ecrion’s Founder and CEO, will become Chief Innovation Officer of the combined company.

    Headquartered in Rockville, MD with offices in both Romania and the United Kingdom, Ecrion provides a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform based on a modern architecture for organizations to optimize interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. The acquisition brings exciting new capabilities to MHC including omnichannel communication, dynamic documents, and customer journey automation, all powered with user engagement analytics and artificial intelligence. These capabilities will accelerate the development of MHC’s next generation platform to meet the evolving content and experience automation requirements of its customers.

    “Ecrion has played an integral role in helping organizations across industries optimize their one-to-one communications with their customers,” said Gina Armada, CEO of MHC Software. “Combined with our existing content automation and document management solutions, we now have a broad portfolio of offerings to enable organizations to efficiently automate and optimize interactions with all of their key internal and external audiences.” Ecrion delivers solutions to over 250 organizations across financial services, insurance, public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. Customers include Fortune 100 companies as well as governments across 12 countries and U.S. states. Additionally, Ecrion has been named a Top Customer Experience Solution Provider for 2020 by Banking CIO Outlook.

    “We are excited to be joining together with MHC to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution platform designed to help them effectively communicate and engage with their customers,” said Florin Vasilian, CEO of Ecrion. “The combined solution will allow our customers to deliver personalized interactions and maximize the lifetime value of their key customer, employee and business partner relationships.”

    The acquisition of Ecrion by MHC comes eight months after a majority equity investment by Strattam Capital in MHC to drive innovation and growth.

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